Winter Cleaning Tips from Long Beach Pros

Long Beach Winter Office CleaningOur company’s expert cleaning services has helped Long Beach businesses keep their work space areas clean for many years. Whether it’s a office cleaning, construction site cleanup or a restaurant deep cleaning our  unique cleaning tips will keep more money in your hands for the holiday season. We have all heard the saying spring cleaning. It’s like we have all been planned to tidy up after the new years winter has ended. With El Nino on the way and said to hit January through March make sure your ready for extended times on the interior of you building or place of business. This reason alone are good reason for regular daily and weekly cleaning of your office or work area during winter.

Long Beach Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Clean Heaters and Furnaces

With the heat on and windows shut during wet weather dust will build up fast. This will also increase the amount of debris your heater furnace collects.

Keep Carpet & Flooring Clean

With so much wet weather predicted have a areas set aside for umbrellas, boots, jackets and wet weather related items. This will make sure the weather stays at the door and not tracked through your office or work area.

Dust Office and Work Areas 

Homes get dusty in the winter and the air is warm and dry. Dust surfaces to keep dust to a reasonable level. Don’t forget the ceiling fans. Those blades get dusty fast. Other areas for increased dusting would be window moldings, Book shelves and lighting all need a good cleaning.

Clean the Kitchen

Winter time means less time to enjoy nice weather for a lunch break. Because of this the lunchroom see’s extra action. We all know the office workplace kitchen can get funky no matter what time of year it is. This is why a little warm water a cleaning solution can go a long way if used each day. Areas like the stove and counter areas will benefit.