Kitchen Cleaning Long Beach

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Long BeachKitchen Cleaning Long Beach is an important part of your recipe for success! Our professional cleaners are experts at maintaining your restaurant and its kitchen on a daily or nightly basis. Our commercial cleaners have been maintaining kitchen and dining facilities for over 20 years. We work with your schedule to come in prior or after your business hours to guarantee your eatery is beautiful and your kitchen sanitized. LBC has world-wide known places to dine at and competition as you would expect is fierce. One sure way to keep your customers coming back time after time is to maintain a clean and beautiful environment for your diners. Image is what it takes to stay ahead of the competition and we are here to make sure your business looks its absolute best at all times. From de-greasing kitchen floors to sanitizing counter tops we protect your investment.

Kitchen Cleaners Long Beach

  • Brush and clean grill
  • Gather all kitchen towels for laundry
  • Collect chef and server uniforms for cleaners
  • Sanitize prep areas and cutting tables
  • Meat slicer and cheese grater washed & sanitized
  • Mop and clean cooler walk in as needed
  • Clean ad wash kitchen hood filters
  • Replace foil lining under grill and oven

Besides cleaning commercial kitchens in and around Long Beach our daily restaurant and kitchen services also provide eateries with custom deep cleansing options for walk in freezers, ice maker machines and extra greasy floors. We maintain restaurant kitchens big and small with custom monthly and weekly kitchen de-greasing packages. In addition to the heavy stuff our custom daily restaurant cleaning services like emptying trash, sanitizing bathrooms and wiping down server areas are included. Vacuuming the lobby and dining area carpets will provide a professional image from the floor up. From wiping down all the tables and chairs to full deep cleanse services our mission is to always be here to lend you a helping hand. Your workers, chefs and servers have enough to focus on at that’s their job which they do well. What we will do for you is ensure your restaurant is not only clean, sanitized and safe, but also a success. This is our top priority. Reputation is everything in the restaurant industry so don’t leave anything to chance when comes to how clean your establishment looks to your customers.

Kitchen Cleaning Long Beach Rates

Our daily cleaning prices are customized for each client. Discounts are available for daily as well as long-term arrangements. Please use the form below to let us know of the type of service you need. Please be descriptive and detail the type of cleaning service you’re in need of. One of our expert cleaners will return your inquiry asap with estimates and options.