The Break-room Microwave

If your break room microwave looks like this you may want to give us a call. Cleaning Long Beach for over 20 years! Let us take care of your office cleaning.

Is this your Long Beach office? Clean weekly!

Long Beach Offices get dirty, dusty and just plain messy if not tended to each week or even cleaned daily. Add a dose of buffoonery like in this video and everything gets worse and and emergency cleaning is needed . We hope your Long Beach workplace has it a bit more together. : ) We now see a good reason why drinking in the office was allowed back in the day!

California Coastal Cleanup Day To Keep Long Beach Clean

Everyone at Cleaning Long Beach would like to remind you that the California Coastal Cleanup Day is coming up September 20th, 2014. This is a great cause and if you would like to be a volunteer visit the Cleaning Up Long Beach section of the El Dorado Nature Center page. Coastal areas like Belmont Pier, Mothers Beach, Alamitos Beach and Shoreline Marina benefit from this annual event so why not volunteer! Long Beach Coastal Cleanup Day 2014Business owners can also adopt a piece of Long Beach coastline for the year a and the city will provide everything you need to clean your piece of LBC coastline. Just set the dates you want to clean and they set you up! Great for outside work or office settings for team building!