Winter Cleaning Tips from Long Beach Pros

Long Beach Winter Office CleaningOur company’s expert cleaning services has helped Long Beach businesses keep their work space areas clean for many years. Whether it’s a office cleaning, construction site cleanup or a restaurant deep cleaning our  unique cleaning tips will keep more money in your hands for the holiday season. We have all heard the saying spring cleaning. It’s like we have all been planned to tidy up after the new years winter has ended. With El Nino on the way and said to hit January through March make sure your ready for extended times on the interior of you building or place of business. This reason alone are good reason for regular daily and weekly cleaning of your office or work area during winter.

Long Beach Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Clean Heaters and Furnaces

With the heat on and windows shut during wet weather dust will build up fast. This will also increase the amount of debris your heater furnace collects.

Keep Carpet & Flooring Clean

With so much wet weather predicted have a areas set aside for umbrellas, boots, jackets and wet weather related items. This will make sure the weather stays at the door and not tracked through your office or work area.

Dust Office and Work Areas 

Homes get dusty in the winter and the air is warm and dry. Dust surfaces to keep dust to a reasonable level. Don’t forget the ceiling fans. Those blades get dusty fast. Other areas for increased dusting would be window moldings, Book shelves and lighting all need a good cleaning.

Clean the Kitchen

Winter time means less time to enjoy nice weather for a lunch break. Because of this the lunchroom see’s extra action. We all know the office workplace kitchen can get funky no matter what time of year it is. This is why a little warm water a cleaning solution can go a long way if used each day. Areas like the stove and counter areas will benefit.


Long Beach Summer Office Cleaning Tips

Long Beach Summer Office Cleaning TipsHere’s our Long Beach summer office cleaning tips to help stay organized. Whether you’re working at home, or logging in remotely or spend your work hours behind a desk, staying composed is a major test. The feel of an untidy, jumbled work area is not ideal for any office environment, yet the main problem is the pointless time you spend searching for imperative reports or convenient office supplies – and how that squandered time can influence your profits.  Here are a few tips to keep your Long Beach workspace sorted out, clean and tidy. Odds are large portions of those papers heaped high around your work area aren’t of any worth to you. As you start to deal with your pile of papers, start asking yourself: Do I need this? Why? Where will I search for it when I need it? At that point, make a note detailing how it best fits you’re needs, and make a point to record future notes to keep the same thing from recurring. Keep in mind to think before you print. Ask yourself: Do I truly need to print that document, or would it be able to make do without? Despite where you do the heft of your work, it’s imperative to keep diversions under control.

Long Beach Summer Office Maintenance TipsIf your Long Beach office is a home office make sure it’s free of distractions by having an assigned mail area far from your office space, and urging relatives to keep the territory free of toys, tech contraptions, and whatever else that may welcome lost time and wastefulness to sneak into your day. For office building spaces it’s always best to have a professional cleaning company handle large tasks. For day-to-day office workers, PDAs and advanced mobile phones are profitability killers. Keep your telephone in an assigned area, and check it amid breaks – rather than each time you hear the notification ring. Every day use things that you’ll likely need over the span of a day, similar to your portable workstation, pens, organizer, and Post-It Notes, all merit a spot around your work area. Put away things, such as, tape, stapler, paper clasps, and envelopes inside your work area. This keeps less-every now and again used things from taking up profitable work area land, yet guarantees that they are effectively available. At the point when your most loved computer screen background begins to get darkened with symbols, it’s opportunity to de-mess your virtual desktop. Record reports that you’ll need once more, and send everything else off to the virtual trash container. Not just will you have a substantially more appealing looking desktop screen, however you will spare incalculable hours scanning for your critical archives for important office documents. One of the greatest pitfalls to organizing an office work space is discovering the time to do it. It’s vital to make time to appropriately sort out your space, so documents, office supplies, and different things are in a natural, simple to-discover spot. Once you’ve set up a framework that works for you, stick to it! Spending a few moments to return things to an assigned spot will help you spare loads of time over the long haul. Our office cleaning company is here to lend a hand for all your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Daily, Weekly & Regular Long Beach Office Cleaning Tips

Long Beach Office Cleaning TipsPersonalized daily, weekly and regular Long Beach office cleaning tasks can prioritize help by creating separate cleaning chores by various office locations. Every office is unique and some work areas may need cleaning more often depending on the amount of employees. At the time of looking to hire a cleaning company your office can put together a cleaning list to prioritize your cleaning needs to help determine the type of service you need. When creating your everyday, weekly & once a month cleaning list keep in mind the size of your office and determine if its a daily, weekly or month to month cleaning you need. Daily tasks for your office cleaning are the things you need to do every day to keep your office sanitary for your workers and any visitors to your office. Lunch and break rooms and employee lounges in  n office which include the reception area or general lobby area, cubicles and bathrooms. These places get heavily used and need to be maintained often.

Weekly Office Cleaning Tips

Long Beach Weekly Office Cleaning Tips

Once a Week Office Cleaning Projects

  • Clean and polish hardwood and surface areas like conference tables
  • Squeegee clean glass windows on the interior and exterior as needed
  • Remove all left over employee food in fridge and clean and sanitize
  • After removing trash disinfect and sanitize all trash cans plus add liner

Daily Office Cleaning Areas

  • Vacuum dirt and debris from floors and rugs
  • Mop and sanitize all hardwood and tile floors
  • Empty trash cans and add new liners
  • Clean and wipe down all glass areas
  • Lightly clean all hard surface tops
  • Wipe and polish all brass and chrome fixtures
  • Inspect walls and clean as needed
  • Clean handles on office doors and light switches

Employee Break Areas & Bathroom Tasks

  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Mop floor and clean all common surface areas
  • Clean and disinfect toilet and bathroom fixtures
  • Refill soap, paper towels and bathroom tissue
  • Put dirty dishes in dishwasher and run
  • Wipe and clean mirrors, brass accents and glass doors

Monthly Office Cleaning Tasks

  • Vacuum any fabric office chairs (clean as needed)
  • Clean all AC and heater vents
  • Clean and dust areas like office ceilings & corners
  • Heavy duty deep clean all common surfaces

Keeping Your Office Healthy

Long Beach Daily Office CleaningWhen planning the maintenance of your Long Beach office using a list for tasks needed to be completed daily, weekly or monthly in your office will help keep up the appearance and cleanliness of your overall office. First looks matter and your clients will notice and your office employees will be happier working in a clean work space. Keeping your office clean and maintained on a regular basis will keep your works from getting sick and lower sick days for workers. Each office is different with different needs and some changes on how your office is maintained may be required to provide a more healthy office,

Long Beach Construction Site Cleanup Service

Long Beach Construction Site Cleaning Tips

Construction site cleanup services are the perfect solution for completed Long Beach home remodels and new building construction projects. If your a home owner who just spent months renovating or a contractor that just completed a new building contract then we are your next step. Lots of renovations and building construction happens in the winter months and having a construction site cleanup company to handle all particulars to restore and put the final touch on presenting your project is vital. Its best to hire a cleaning company that has the proper training for construction site cleaning duties. You could do it yourself or try a less expensive way but things like code issues can easily arise. if any hazardous materials are used during your work then special care is obviously needed to dispose of any of the debris from that. A professional construction cleanup crew knows how to deal with these situations on your site and will have all the right tools and equipment needed to clean your space to make it look as best it can from the floor to the ceiling.

Post Construction Cleanup Services Long Beach

Don’t go it alone as accidents can happen and you and those around you safety will be in jeopardy. Our construction site cleanup contractors only use the lasted equipment and techniques to properly clean up your work area. Lets face it post construction cleanup services are a main ingredient to having your new space displayed flawlessly. Our licensed and insured workers are skilled in these tasks so let  the pros do it right for you the first time. We have been maintaining both commercial and residential building sites for years in the LBC. If you having any questions about our services use our easy contact form to reach out and we will be sure to get back to you with any answers to your questions. Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter and get a special discount on your first services with our company. We take great pride in our work and would like to have you as our next happy client.


Long Beach Office Party Cleaners

Long Beach office party cleanersNeed Long Beach office party cleaners? You might not have started thinking about it yet, but the holiday season is upon us. Not having to worry about cleaning up after your office festivities it’s something you’ll be thankful for. Besides, within the next couple weeks you need to think about a Halloween costume! There’s no doubt about it, whenever there’s an office party a fun time is almost always guaranteed. When it comes to times of celebration drinks start to flow. If there are a few cocktails involved a mess or accidental spill will happen sooner or later! We are here to provide a deep cleansing after the party. With lots of food and drinks all over the office you know there’s no way around it you’re gonna have a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Throw in some wild dancing on the office carpet and you’ve got a code red cleaning emergency! Office cleaning during the holiday season gets an extra effort with heavy-duty vacuuming of rugs and carpets + emptying all of the trash of course. Wiping down and sanitizing surface tops will remove and clean all those sticky soft drink spills and whatever else is sticky. If beer is involved you’ll want to have extra sanitizing to remove that nasty beer smell from accidental spills. We will have your office clean and in order by the time you show up the next work day. Weekly office cleaning services Long Beach

The only thing you’re going to have to worry about is not coming into work with a hangover the next day and why your underwear was found in the supply closet. ; )

Our cleaning company has been providing professional weekly and custom office cleaning services for over 20 years. From Halloween costume parties to all those late December holiday gatherings. Why not let our experts take care of the cleaning this holiday party season. 

Long Beach Weekly Office Cleaning Benefits

weekly office cleaners in LBCIn Long Beach having your office cleaned weekly is an absolute must for busy companies. Employees spend 30, 40, 50 or more hours a week working within their designated areas. Everyone has a particular environment that they like to work in. One thing is common across the board though ant that’s a clean workspace. With so many hours working in one common area let us take the responsibility of cleaning your office space to help everyone stays productive and help ensure a clean working environment. By not having Jim from sales or Cindy from marketing clean the lunch break room or vacuum the lobby gives them and other employees more time to be productive.

The time your employees take out weekly to clean obviously reduces their productivity. When you hire a professional cleaning service like Long Beach weekly office cleaning you can be sure that your employees will stay focused productive and happy. A strategy of saving time and money by utilizing our weekly cleaning services will help take your business all the way to the bank.

Long Beach weekly office cleaning benefits

Another benefit of daily or weekly cleaning is health issues. Within a busy office people constantly touch doors, open cabinets, microwaves, refrigerator, water machine ect.. Let’s face it, throw in a few coughs and sneezes and you’re one step away from calling a hazmat crew. : )  An active office is an atmosphere rich with germs. Last thing you want is half of your workforce out from being sick from the flu or a cold. These things can be prevented with a professional company to come in and make sure everything is clean and sanitized on a regular basis.

Let’s also not forget one of the most important reasons to have your office cleaned each week and that’s the initial appearance your space gives off to clients, customers and employees. Looks are vital and mean a lot in business so let our Long Beach weekly office cleaning services take care of the responsibility of making sure your workspace is spotless, germ free and looking its best.

These are just a few of the benefits of keeping your workspace clean weekly or on a regular basis. We can set up a custom schedule to come in each day or once a week to maintain your office or workplace. Our cleaners will be prompt and on time everytime and ready to clean. We’d like nothing more than to be able to help you maintain a clean, safe and germ free working environment. On a softer note here’s some brilliant Dibert Office Cleaning comics ; )